Last modified on August 8, 2005

  • Final grades for the course are ready now, since the lab bonus points arrived this morning. I hope everyone is satisfied with their grades! Have a good (short) vacation before school starts again, and remember to keep in touch.



    • I have posted the solutions to this session's exams 1, 2, and 3 (some diagrams are not shown). Also all the homework solutions and class exercise solutions. Remember to come to MacKay 117 at 1:20 p.m. on Wednesday, August 3 for Exam 4 and on Thursday, August 4, for the final exam.

    • I would appreciate knowing something about YOU. Please send me an email telling me about yourself: your name, where you are from, what year you are in, what you are majoring in, your career plans, any jobs or internships you've had, places you've traveled to in the past, your hobbies or other interests - anything you'd like to write about. I plan to email a response back to each of you.

    • There is no official textbook for this course. Instead, notes and assignments will be made available on this site as pdf files. However, you may wish to read along in one or more textbooks. A variety of old but suitable textbooks are free for the borrowing from the Help Room; some of them are calculus physics textbooks, but if you have taken calculus you might as well borrow one of them.


    Here will be posted the pdf files containing the course notes and questions, the homework assignments and solutions, and the solutions to the class exercises. Although they contain some color, there is no advantage to printing them out in color - do so only if you want to.


    What should you study for the exams?

    • Go over the class notes and examples.

    • Review the class questions and make sure you understand them all. If you are unsure of anything, ask the lecturer or a classmate or your recitation instructor to help you. (Same for homework and recitation assignments.)

    • Check over your homework and the recitation exercises.

    • Look over as many of the old exam questions as you can.

    Review sheets for the exams. There is one for each exam; however, the coverage of each exam this semester might turn out to be slightly different, so watch for necessary additions or subtractions from each sheet. If you want, you can use this review sheet, with your own additions, as the sheet of notes you bring to the exam, adding whatever you want on the back.

    Exams to study. These are from same instructor, and contain the exam itself followed by the exam with solutions.